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When you need tools to navigate the rocky road of co-parenting, this is your place. I've created some online courses packed full of information and tools to help make your journey a little easier.


The courses are not provided within the context of a professional relationship and I am not your individual therapist. They are however the next best thing to sitting down and having a one one one chat.


The videos can be watched again and again and each one comes a downloadable and printable workbook where you can complete the lessons and exercises at your own pace.


Check back often. I'm in course creation mode and will have more for you soon.

Co-Parenting With a Difficult Ex: A Master Class in Boundaries.

This is the course for you if your co-parent: creates stress, demands explanations, drains your energy, disrupts your plans, is always right, won’t stay in their own lane, is rigid and inflexible and on and on… You know what I’m talking about… In this course you will learn: The importance of boundaries to sanity when dealing with a difficult co-parent. The most important co-parenting boundaries you need to set when dealing with a difficult co-parent. Brilliant ways to set boundaries confidently and what words to use. How to disengage from a chaos maker, with peace and confidence. Simple ways to determine if a response to your difficult co-parent is (even) necessary and responses you can use.