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The breakdown of a relationship is difficult and confusing. You may experience feelings of worry, anger, loss or conflict. Under such circumstances, you might find it difficult to imagine a hopeful future afterwards. Lux Psychology specializes in helping families navigate the, often difficult, terrain of separation, divorce and if you have children, co-parenting. I am aware of the stress associated with the breakdown of a relationship and family problems. Where children are involved, I care, like you, about their emotional health.


You want compassion during this tough time and I am dedicated to providing responsive, individualized psychological care. I offer insight, reflection, guidance, honesty, and ways to disengage as alternatives to conflict. I can help you see that a “healthy” divorce is best measured in terms of psychological rather than physical separation. If there are children involved, I will help you (and your co-parent) keep your focus on your children’s point of view and on what they need now and moving forward as they adjust to living in a separated family. If there is a dynamic of control, I will see it.


As a Professional Psychologist, I provide assessment services, individual, relationship, and family counselling. 

I provide and have given expert testimony regarding divorce and the best psychological interest of children in both Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench.

I work with the College of Alberta Psychologists providing investigation and expert opinion reports with regard to whether a particular psychologist has met the minimum standards of practice expected by the College. I have also provided remedial training to psychologists mandated by the college to address areas in their practice that need change.

My areas of clinical interest include counselling, particularly cognitive-behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety, relationship counselling, anger, self-esteem, and intimate partner violence (IPV).  I am a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists, the Psychological Association of Alberta, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (national and provincial chapters).

My Alberta Registration Number is #2803. 


We need to hear the voice

of the child and act responsibly.


Education & Licensure:

Registered Psychologist, College of Alberta Psychologists (2003)

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Gonzaga University, Washington (2001)


B.A., Psychology (with distinction), University of Calgary (1994)

Specialist in High Conflict Divorce and Co-Parenting

  • Bilateral Parenting Assessments

  • Parenting Coordination

  • Parenting Mediation

  •  Conflict Intervention

  • Therapy

  • Litigation Support

  • Reunification therapy

  • Divorce Related Co-Parenting Counselling

  • Parenting Plan Facilitation

  • Expertise in coercive control in family law


Other Areas of Practise

  • Individual and Relationship Counselling

  • Investigator with the College of Alberta Psychologists

  • Expert opinions for the College of Alberta Psychologists (with regard to whether a particular psychologist has met the minimum standards of practice expected of a Psychologist on a given file)

  • Expert Witness Testimony (Court of Queen’s Bench and Provincial Court of Alberta)


Professional Development

Professional Organization Memberships and Affiliations

  • College of Alberta Psychologists

  • Psychological Association of Alberta

  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts both National and Provincial Chapters

  • Alberta Psychologist Association



  • May 31, 2021  Co-Parenting during Covid-19  Q & A with SVR Lawyers (invited guest) 

  • February 17, 2021 presentation to LESA (Legal Education Society Alberta): Coercive Control and Family Violence.

  • 2014 Alberta Family Mediation Society/ Association of Family and Conciliation Courts- Alberta Chapter Joint Conference: "The Perspectives Program" a custom tailored, coordinated and systemic "team therapist" approach to working with high conflict families within the structure of a long term Practice Note 7 intervention.

  • 2014 Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch): Practice Note 7 and Practice Note 8, Pet Peeves.

Abstract Structure



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A Required Analysis in Determining the Best Interests of the Child. Family Court Review (accepted for publication, in press).

Amundson, J. and Lux G. (2019).  Tippins and Wittman Revisited: Law, Social Science, and the Role of the Child Custody Expert 14 Years Later. Family Court Review, 57: 88-106. doi:10.1111/fcre.12398.


Amundson, J.K., Lux G.M. (2016).  Risk Management in High-Conflict Divorce/Parenting Referrals: It’s How You Walk Through the Fire. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy ISSN 0826-3893 Vol. 50 No. 3-S © 2016 Pages S10–S22.


Amundson, J.K.and Lux G.M. (2016).  The Issue of Ethics and Authority for Licensed Mental Health Professionals Involved in Parenting Coordination. Family Court Review, 54: 446–456. doi: 10.1111/fcre.12223.


Amundson, Jon K., Lux G., & Hindmarch, B. (2005).  Investigative vs. Clinical Emphasis in Child Custody Evaluation: A Reflection on Austin and Kirkpatrick. Journal of Child Custody, 2(4), 69-83.

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