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Divorce conflict

"Sometimes it's about successfully

treading water until the life raft gets there."

High conflict consultant

High conflict consultant

High conflict is a general and often over simplified term used to describe difficult post- divorce parenting and interactions. It requires a nuanced examination to understand the specifics at play. Knowing the dynamics is essential before one can be effective in helping resolve it. I've seen familiar patterns, but assume nothing. As a conflict sleuth I can analyze, provide insight and help you resolve it.



Parenting plans

Constructing a child centered parenting plan after separation is essential. I can provide guidance to both you, on your own, or with your co-parent, while facilitating the process.

co-parent coaching

You can expect some bumps along the road as you co-parent. It's normal. However, if those bumps become too frequent, too difficult to navigate and the kids are being negatively impacted, co-parenting coaching might be a good option. A co-parenting coach serves as a resource to both of you, helping you communicate better, work out disagreements or hear child centered advice. Co-parenting coaching is flexible in it's process and we can work together as a group or in different rooms with the coach acting as a go-between. Consider this option before heading down the even bumpier and more costly legal road. Even if you are engaged legally, co-parenting coaching might just pull you out. 


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that involves specialized communication and negotiation techniques to help each side work cooperatively toward a solution. I provide family mediation services to help you come to post-separation parenting agreements.

Children's needs consultant

Sometimes it is helpful to get professional input about kids needs in relation to divorce or an aspect of your parenting plan. Even though there are general guidelines, all kids are different. Let's sit down and talk. I will offer you my thoughts.

Divorce coaching

Divorce coaching

When a relationship comes to an end, dynamics change (for better or for worse). Guidance is helpful through these difficult conversations and changing circumstances together. Divorce counselling can help you navigate the process of separation and help you sort through the many decisions that need to be made together. 


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