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Family & Individual Support

"You can't choose your circumstance, but you can choose your therapist."



Working with you one on one to create a comfortable, compassionate alliance and a protected space to process and reduce difficult emotions.

specialized areas

Relationship breakdown

Separation can take its toll and it's not something anyone hopes for. I can help you get to the other side of this difficult process.

family violence

Abuse can happen to anyone and it needs to be understood for what it is. Talking about it can be difficult. There is help.

parenting coaching

I can help you manage the challenges of parenting whether living together with your partner or apart.



relationship counselling

Romantic relationships are hard work. Couples therapy can help if you need a boost or a full reboot. Research tells us the average couple is unhappy for SIX YEARS before seeking couples counselling. Don’t wait.

relationship breakdown

The breakdown of a romantic relationship or marriage can be emotionally painful and traumatic. I can help support and guide you through this difficult time.

seperation counselling

When the end of a relationship becomes real, dynamics change (for better or for worse). Guiding you through these difficult conversations and changing circumstances together. Separation counselling can help you navigate the process of separation and help you sort through the many decisions that need to be made together.



Helping Children through Divorce and Separation

Divorce creates emotional difficulties for the entire family. Kids can experience a range of feelings including disbelief, anxiety, grief, fear, confusion, guilt and anger. Psychological support can be helpful, especially during the first year. Most children and adolescents adjust. I can help with this process.

kids and co-parenting conflict

Children caught in the middle of co-parenting conflict is one of the most well researched and steadfast concerns when it comes to their adjustment now and in the future. Let me help support your kids and/or yourself to teach you what you can do to take them out of the middle and to mitigate the damage this causes.

blended family

Blending families gets tricky. Two sets of kids. Two different parenting styles. Lot’s of different personalities. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let me support you during the construction phase.

step parenting

Children may feel many emotions when a step-parent enters the scene. Being a step-parent comes with a whole set of unique challenges as well, both in your relationship with the children and with your new partner. Let me help you navigate this new dynamic, whether you are the step-parent, child or spouse, I can help.

parent - teen

Let me help you understand each other. You can do this.

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