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What Kids See When You Take the Co-parenting High Road

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Ah, the lonely high road… Is it even worth it? Does it even matter?

No one would fault you for these thoughts, especially if you have a difficult co-parent. Whether you wanted it or not, difficult coparenting situations can be a major "teaching moment" in the emotional lives of your children.

In taking the high road, your children will learn important lessons.

Kids who watch their parents take the high road learn that just because someone says bad things, it doesn’t mean those things are true. They will learn that just because someone is rude to you, it does not mean you should be rude in return. They will learn that just because one is feeling frustrated, you do not need to show anger or contempt. They will learn that when someone is unkind to you, it reflects them, not you. Learning to not take things personally, is a major life skill.

Kids learn that they will not get along with everyone and that’s ok, as long as you do not stoop to the level of the person frustrating you, because that gives away your self- control.

They learn that adults get sad but that does not stop them from being happy most the time. They will learn that hard things can be handled sanely, with grace, dignity, a shrug, or a smile.

Rise above. It’s worth it.

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